Something you should know about us MTO group

Hi guys, nothing for me to this week, so I decided to do and count something. And now it’s time for me to write it.

Founded in Oct 2007, MTO is the first manga group in Vietnam. This year 2013 is the 7th years of MTO group. “MTO2T” was our first name, which stands for “Manga Translation of TruongTon.Net”. After 4 years working, in the end of 2010, we decided to leave Truongton.Net and changed our group name into “MTO”. It should be “Manga Translation Organisation” No, just MTO only, no hiding meaning behind it. 🙂

First release should be :

And here’re something I have to show you right now:

After 6 years working (2007-2012)………..

Total Number of Releases : 3163 in Vietnamese and 1 in English.

Number of pages we did: 72623 pages

Even no one in MTO group can believe that could be this fucking huge number.

Anyway, starting from 2013, we decided to slow down our speed, and reduce number of releases. We are just only working for 2 weekly, and 3 monthly series. It should be the best choice for now, since our staffs are almost graduated, and they have to focus on their own real life jobs.

However, just take a look on what we’ve been doing, so proud, right?


One thought on “Something you should know about us MTO group

  1. 2007 O.o Wow, I only read manga in English, never thought that there’re so many release in VN. Maybe I’ll try to learn cleaning n redrawing to help :p anyway good luck ^^ n thanks for picking Nisekoi up

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