5 thoughts on “New logo, credit page, and watermark annoucement

  1. hah, the new design is pretty cute ^^
    is there any particular reason as to why it’s a penguin, or is it just as random as “MTO” not being an abbreviation for anything anymore? 😀

    • because we like it :>

      And yeah, we wanted to choose some thing for our new logo, some ideas were: penguin, monkey, pig, sword, gun, bomb, bike, computer, books…

      And finnaly, penguin was choosen. Then we started to ask some design to design it xD

      Ya, so main reason should be “new face” 😀

  2. It’s too big. It’s too annoying. Any watermark ever is too annoying. Isn’t it enough with a credit page? Why the need to ruin the scans with a watermark?

    • Aren’t watermarks the reason people stop reading a great manga. there annoying and serve no real purpose aside from annoying the reader. a regular credit page could work just as well. heck it’s bad enough some hosting sites do it with no reguards, to anyone.

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