Your download links are here

Haizz… DMCA

This post is updated chapter-by-chapter. So make sure that you’re take a look on it when old download links are dead

Chapter 57
Chapter 58
Chapter 59


10 thoughts on “Your download links are here

    • Tell me what trouble you have.I’ve been tested it at least 3 times a chapter, all links work. So I don’t exactly know what problem it was.

      About IRC, please join

      It’s been written in our credit pages each week guys =.=

      • It might me good practice to use a different cloud service instead of Mega, with the owner being in court, the site might get taken down, especially if he is found guilty of copyright violations and extricated to the USA. The service is also in beta so some people might encounter bugs and such, which might prevent them from downloading files. Although it worked for me, the same can’t be said for some people. I would recommend Mediafire or another free and simple cloud service that isn’t keeping track on copyright so closely.

      • I’m also having trouble downloading from Mega, the download says 100% but no prompt dialog to save the files displayed even after it’s finished so i can’t save the file (in other words i can’t download it at all)

        I’ve tested this on 3 different browsers during the past 2 days and none of them works when i tried to download your files (all three of them). In fact i uploaded a mere 4 bytes file (!YJwg0BwY!Yo3Pp14cjRJY8NLFaUiNuBjAWcMtZGEKaJFS5HWq6YQ ) and i couldn’t download the file i just uploaded

        The only time i could download from Mega is yesterday (based on the time i write this) to download a single test.txt file with a size of 1 KB and when i tried it again it fails

        It’d be great if you could use other alternative or even torrent if you prefer

      • @ Shell: I can download your txt file.
        Maybe because of your popup-block, or adblock.

        About torrent, I used it for chapter 57, but seems that only 2-3 people are still seeding it. so I don’t think it would be a good choice.

        I will find another host anyway

      • @MTO The browsers profiles i used to test is clean / factory defaults if you prefer to call it that way and i just tested downloading the 4b test file i uploaded again and it worked now, but i still can’t download your files and then i uploaded a 2.5MB file but i can’t download it

        I’m not even sure what the problem is, it might be they are not stable enough for now. But thank you very much for considering on using another hosts 🙂

        p.s actually i had your releases (57-59) on my hdd, but because i saw you switched to Mega, i just want to make sure i can download your future releases 😀

  1. Ok, so a somewhat stable way of getting the file is to not press the download button (at least on Firefox 18).
    Instead press the Import button, which will take you to a file manager.
    There, right click on the file and click download.
    When the download is complete, press the “Save file” link down in the bottom, which will actually bring up a save file dialogue.

    Hope this helps people, and hopefully MEGA and/or Firefox starts supporting eachother soon. 🙂

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