Something about taking Sora no Otoshimono

I got some comments on MTO and Renzokusei’s blog about “scanslation war prediction”. The only thing I want to say: stop this fucking thought you badass!

I contacted foolz few weeks ago about this thing. something like “I will work for it with my friend, hope you’re fine with that. I don’t want to make a scanslation war, so I need to contact you today. We should do it in peace, because it’s our beloved series, not only yours or mine”.

And tbh, I have a very good relationship with foolz, and we (Fool and us) are fine with this – we will do it as what we want to, since we all love this series, and we took it because we had everything: staffs, raws, time…

There’s no fight, we’re all working for it in peace.

And remember that I’m the one who cleaned chapter 68 for foolz. So there’s nothing for any of us to get mad. We got our final decision long ago.


31 thoughts on “Something about taking Sora no Otoshimono

  1. First blood. and so started the conflict that would last for thousands of years, I call for a two state solution.

  2. >I heard rumors that you just did the easy shit that can be done in two minutes and provided raws, not even redraws. You’re not even in the credits page. You should stop bragging if you didn’t do anything even worth mentioning.

    • Shit?

      Remember that the one who clean this chapter 69 is the best cleaner in this world. If you call his cleaning is shit, that means all mangas you’ve ever read are all shit.

      And me, I’m Knight, and I’m on the credit page. I had to do most of pages that need redrawing. I did 15/20 redraws pages, in just 2 days. Show me your result if you call my redraw is shit. OK?

      And tbh, what you heard were all from the man who has no skill and don’t know anything about cleaning.

      Do you think that it’s easy to make a 2-minute cleaning methods, with this god of quality?

      • You don’t know how to read do you? You completely misunderstood the post. Also, it was talking about chapter 68, not 69. Learn to read, you faggot.

      • lol, as I said, if you think that you can make a “2-minute cleaning method” by that bad raws and with this good of quality, show me.

        Moreover, if you’re mention about “credit or not”, I will tell you this thing: I sometimes tell RH (or IMP in the past) ‘s admin that “don’t credit me this chapter”, or I forgot to update on credit page that I cleaned something that chapter.

        Is it that important to be credited? lol

      • I spoke with the FoOlRulez admins. They say that the only people to ever go uncredited in their releases are Woxxy and Darais – in other words, only the admins themselves.

        Two minute cleaning method for the chapter, huh? Here, lemme take a stab at the shitty method you’re using.

        1. Magic wand tool on all the bubbles.
        2. Activate action 1 (expand selection 10px, retract selection 10px, fill with white).
        3. Activate action 2 (autolevel page to whatever settings you *think* work for every page. Guess what-levels can’t be done automatically because every scan is different, meaning pages will go over- or under-leveled at random).
        4. Save page, open next page, goto 1. Full process should take a minute, give or take based on skill and hotkey binding aptitude.

        Yes, being credited is important. Especially when you plan to make claims about your participation in a project. If you go uncredited, you can’t say you did X job without people laughing in your face – oh, look at what just happened!

        Foolz says you didn’t request to be uncredited. Cut your bullshit. You did fuckall on 68 and you know it.

        Finally, nobody outside the two of us can see my comments at this point, as I haven’t been “cleared” by moderation. You look like you’re ranting at nothing, so I suggest you get off your lazy ass and approve my comments so you look less like the faggot we know you are.

      • I’ve worked with six groups. I join when the projects interest me and help is needed, I leave when I’m no longer needed, the project ends or is dropped, or when drama makes me hate the rest of the team. I’m currently not in any groups so that I can focus on my classes.

      • @ anon: okay, so that’s -all- what fool thought I did, lol. Also, it was me and Yoshi who cleaned chapter 68.

        I knew you’d never figure out what’s the difference in quality between the chapters foolrulez did and our chapter. If you’d like to try your method, then go right ahead and ask the people over foolrulez to give you some pages to test on. If cleaning were that easy, then I would have never become a cleaner.

        I won’t talk about past chapters anymore. Keep that in mind. Like I said, I talked with woxxy and he let us go ahead with it. That is to say, that MTO, Foolz and Renzokusei could do as we please. That’s all there is to it. We’ll keep doing this series. Chapter 70 and 71 are done, and with better quality than some spreads on chapter 69. I can assure you that.

        And mind you, I’m also working for a lot of groups right now. Not as many as you, but I only work for groups that respect my skills. In groups like redhawk, imperial and utopia, I never said anything like “give me credits”.

        I used to have a good relationship with foolz, but if what you told me here is what woxxy told you, then I’d have to change my mind about him. It’s as what `Derek used to tell me. He didn’t want to get involved with foolz anymore, because they never keep their promises for their joint projects.

        And then this happens lol

      • Anon2, you lost all credibility as soon as you said the raws only needed leveling. That’s simply wrong, and tells you just how much about cleaning you really know.

      • Tatsumaki: I never said they only need leveling. I said that, for a two-minute clean job, all he’s doing is leveling. Topaz filters require about 20-30 seconds each to process the page, and in order to use them to their fullest without ruining the page you’ll need to use a few one after the other. Therefore, it’s not in his two-minute clean process.

        mtogroup: It’s getting harder and harder to understand what you’re saying, as your English is below CXC-scans release tier. It also seems you’re incapable of understanding me, so I’ll put this in short, simple sentences that even preschoolers would understand.

        I’m not in any groups now.

        Your claims cannot be validated, and as such are worthless.

        The method is the two minute method you invited me to create. I know it works and gets the intended results.

        Woxxy hasn’t said two words to me. Woxxy isn’t the scanlation team.

        Foolz is currently working a joint with SuimasenScans. Tonnura-san ring any bells? Speak with GreenT for accurate joint experience information.

      • Anon2, you said he did fuckall. I’d say he did fuckall if all he had done was level, but alas, that’s clearly not the only thing he did. You’ll never get anything close to what he got with that.

        Also, he never said he only took two minutes on each page. These are baseless assumptions people are making because they’re angry over stupid shit or because they want to justify’s foolrulez’s decision to not credit him.

      • Tatsumaki : Thank you so much.
        Anon2: I thought that, if you ever worked with Magazine raws, you would never talk something like this.

        Okay, just visit and download raws for Sora chapter 71. Then show me the result of 1 random page you clean. I will give you what I do for it.

        And then, you will know what is the difference between us, and how baseless you’re (and foolz) thinking

  3. I’d like an explanation as to why the 2 page spreads have such a shitty stitch. I know stitching two pages is hard, but the way you guys did it is just plain horrible, especially that tornadoes page.

    • bad raws, and I couldn’t do it.

      I was trying to do those 2 spreads (tonado and chaos) asap, since chapter 71 raws came that time.

      So sorry for this lack of skills. Chapter 70 and 71 would be much better

      • Shitty raws is not an excuse. I’ve seen people do wonders on spreads when all they had was shitty raws. I thought you said you had the best cleaner in the world? What happened to that then?

      • It’s yes, the best cleaner in the world is my friend, and he’s working for this project.

        But I don’t have any good redrawer, ok?

      • Since when is redrawing not part of cleaning?
        >But I don’t have any good redrawer, ok?
        Apply yourself you lazy faggot.

      • *sigh* you serve your name right…

        Why don’t you do it mister “expert”. Then we go search for any single flaw and cry about it ok?

        Seriously, grow up..

  4. You should have ignored the very few posts against your release. This just ended up actually offending Foolz out of incorrect information in the hands of you (scanlators) and the readers’.

    These RAWs have been basically forced upon me even after I acted uninterested, and now this very nice – but not necessary – favour is being used for retaliation against us.

    The one White-Knighting here is Foolz team, and now we’re paying for it too. You jumped ahead of the releases like many other groups did with a popular series like Sora no Otoshimono, and now we are talked trash about.

    If you have actually any interest in having at least an apathetic relationship with us and avoid drama, leave us alone. If you don’t want the drama that the affectionate anonymouys readers may generate, don’t pick up a series actively worked on for the past three years and a half.

    • Well, you guys weren’t THAT active with SnO. You where 3 chapters behind and the 4th one was already comming…

    • “Actively worked on” even though you’re three months behind.

      It really doesn’t matter for how long you worked on it. I think when it reaches the point you’re that behind, it’s better to leave it to those who can keep up.

      • Prior to falling 3 months behind they were caught up. Perhaps things happened, their translator disappeared or the raws were trash and they were waiting to just do the tank scans or some other reason that can effect a group’s ability to do something. The fact is if you go back and look at how many chapters of SnO Foolz has worked on, the fact they’ve been scanlating this for 3 years, you should be thanking them, not ripping them. Heck, you’ve probably been reading their scans this whole time, and this is how you thank them?

        Keep in mind, I’m not talking about MTO or Renz, just the so called “fans” who are so disrespectful to people who love this manga and wanted to make sure that other people who loved it could read it that they took time out of their lives to bring it to you. And just because they were 3 months behind?? Do you know how long I’m probably going to wait to see the ending of Addicted to Curry? And am I frustrated? Sure. Do I wish the team working on it would put out chapters faster? Of course. But do I complain? No, because I know they are doing the best they can and I’ll hope that maybe I won’t have to wait 10 or more years to see the end lol

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