Sora no Otoshimono chapter 70 – “Morals!!” by MTO and Renzokusei Scans

It finally came.

Chapter 70 is such a pain for us, not for the cleaning, but… some troll group used my cleans for Vietnamese version to do their release with a shitty translation.

And to protect a scanslation drama once again, we had to… redo it. That means we had to… delete all of those cleaning files, and cleaned them again with better quality.

To make sure that this problem won’t happen again, I will add the Notice page on my Vietnamese Release, that no group will be allowed to use our cleans for their releases without contacting us.

If you want to do it for your English release, the answer is NO.
I will never let you use my clean, or I will watermark them all if you keep doing this fucking bad stuff.

Or else, if you want to release it in other languages (Portugal, Espanol ,…) , just ask, write your comment here, or via email, or IRC.


And… Enjoy this chapter, I thought that my redrawing skill is not too bad, right? I did all the spreads for this chapter (including the color spread) lol


Batoto Online Reading

Color Spreads


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