Sora no Otoshimono – Chapter 72 (Vietnamese Version) by MTO

This post is just a notice xP
I thought that I should post something on this blog to keep it alive, instead of updating information about Sora only

Chapter 72 – Read online here

This chapter is released for Vietnamese readers, and I used public bad raws to work… I will fix them and use HQ raws for both English and Vietnamese fixed version then

Anyway, I will not allow any group using my Vietnamese version for their own scanslating

If you want to use our releases, just use our HQ english version. No need to ask for permission or something, but I’m really pissed off when some troll groups still keep using our cleans for their bad releases.


Anyway, enjoy it xP


6 thoughts on “Sora no Otoshimono – Chapter 72 (Vietnamese Version) by MTO

    • It should be released in July. We could only get HQ raws on around June 30th and July 2st.

      Maybe you will ask me that why we get HQ raws this late. The only answer is : Derek (from Renzokusei) buys the magazine each month, and then it is shipping from Japan to America. However, the shipping is 2-3 days later than the Magazine’s publishing day (26th). So everything should be delayed.

      We’re not that lucky to get good raws this early, but it’s okay for us. 1-2 weeks later is not a problem, and hope that it’s ok for you 😀

      • no problem man, i appreciate your hard work.
        i was just being curious as to when i can go on batoto and read the new chapter in english 🙂

  1. Good job on the Vietnamese scanlation guys. Literally first time reading manga in Vietnamese since like grade school (Doreamon 🙂
    Feels weird about the subject’s gender though (co^, anh, etc) since I assume there’s nothing like that in Japanese and English.

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