Shingeki no Kyojin – Before the fall chapter 1 by MTO and Polaris

Let the party start, guys!!

Sorry to inform you that, starting from this chapter, we will NOT do the English version of SnK Before the fall.

I joint mangastream, and well, I’m doing the English version for ’em, using their own raws. It would be a big ethic problem for me, if I continue doing the English version you know. So, that’s the reason why, from now on, I just only release the Vietnamese one, using my own raws (which are scanned in a fucking better quality than ms’s xP), and well, at least 10 cleaners and redrawers are working with me for this Vietnamese version xP

Enjoy, and well, don’t forget to say thanks to all staffs who got involved in this beloved series 😀

Online Reading

Download : , Trigger: !shingeki1



12 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin – Before the fall chapter 1 by MTO and Polaris

  1. Hello friends! You have the text of the translation of SNK: Before the Fall 01, in Vietnamese? If you could get me? please?

  2. yeah man mangastream are taking so long, do yours please. its been two weeks since this was released, but their dumbasses are too busy doing naruto and fairy fail.

  3. please sir just release it in english, or atleast give me the translation in a text file i swear i will credit you. its been more than two weeks now and we havent seen anything from mangastrearm. that cant be “just some pages left” two weeks for some pages?

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