Akame ga KILL! Zero – Chapter 1 “Two Girls” by MTO and Psylockescans

It’s come 😀 Akame ga KILL!’s prequels. It’s the story about Akame and her mates 3 years before Akame ga KILL, while she was in the royal’s secret assasin group.

Online reading

Download : #mto-group@irc.irchighway.net ; Trigger: !akamezero1


We’re currently looking for a translator to do the English version for Maoyuu series. Please reply here, or email us if you’re interest.

Special thanks


11 thoughts on “Akame ga KILL! Zero – Chapter 1 “Two Girls” by MTO and Psylockescans

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Great job from your team again =)
    p.s. could you tell me the name of the font on 2nd page top in online-reader? it looks amazing =)

  2. Whatever happened to the scanlation rule of thumb of not picking something up someone else is doing unless it’s been 6 months without a release? You didn’t even bother asking them what the problem was, did you? I’m basing this on the recruitment page in this chapter.

    • Shut up and get out, please.

      It’s 100-day-rule, not 6 months, guy.
      More over, we didn’t have a good relationship with ’em. But we respect their good job for Maoyuu, so we still had been waiting. If you don’t like to read our version, just wait for ’em. We don’t care much about this.

      • When did that change? Man, you scanlators become bigger assholes every year don’t you? There was no reason for you to get so frustrated over a simple comment, what did someone spit on you while you were new or something?

      • Uhuh. Just notice that we-had-been-waiting.
        And for now, it’s long enough for ’em to drop it, and for us to take it.
        It’s fair for both. We have everything for now: translator, cleaners. redrawers, typesetters, why can’t we start instead of keep waiting for ’em?

    • Maybe you misunderstood something. But it’s not a problem for us.
      We will do it anyway. No matter what happened.
      And you, if you still believe in Extras, so wait for them. Maybe waiting forever. I don’t care much about loosing-a-loud-mouth reader like you. It’s fair bro.

      • Man, you really are an asshole. This is pathetically hilarious, I’ll keep coming back to point this out just for you, Mr. I have something up my ass all the time!

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