All You Need Is Kill – Chapter 5 “Schedule” by MTO

The latest chapter has come ^^~

We were working quite hard for this, and luckily, we’ve just needed about 30 hours to release it since the time we got raws.

So, hope you enjoy the release 😀


Online reading

Download: , trigger : !kill5

All You Need Is Kill - ch 5 Page 2 | Batoto!


8 thoughts on “All You Need Is Kill – Chapter 5 “Schedule” by MTO

  1. This manga is very good, and one of the few manga’s that i think is alot better then he rest of the manga’s that get scanlated and posted on baka updatees,
    This manga is like a flower surrounded by dirt and other horrible shit.

    So i thank you guys alot for scanlating this master piece 🙂 it’s been a really long time since i enjoyed a manga!

  2. Really thanks a bunch, just started reading this one today and its really impresive 🙂

    Really want to compliment u on the fast scans and translation on the chapters 🙂 Looking forward to more releases

  3. so i just found this series and i have to say i really like the frontal non ironic gritty action approach this is taking. the art is very nice and unless this will turn into endless one on one deathmatches later, i think this is very well paced.
    thanks for the releases so far and keep up the good work!

  4. I’m a Takeshi Obata fan so of course I had to follow this one. Thanks for taking the time to work on this series, keep it up!

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