Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment – Chapter 1 “The Suzuki Murder and dismemberment case”

Well, we’ve come back after a long rest.
Here is the latest things we brought to you ^^ The new series in Shonen Jump, Art by the famous Takeshi Obata. (Bakuman – Deathnote…)
Enjoy the series ^^ and hope you keep following us the MTO


Online : nope, I don’t think that we could upload it anywhere
Download : , trigger: !gakkyu1


16 thoughts on “Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment – Chapter 1 “The Suzuki Murder and dismemberment case”

  1. In order to upload online, you need to file for a new series addition on the relevant site. I highly recommend getting someone to upload your releases to Batoto (all of your joint releases are being uploaded already, but it seems you haven’t had a non-joint release added for quite a while).

    IRC is quite inconvenient, after all 😛 But I’m sure everyone on mangaupdates is looking forward to the new series illustrated by Obata-sensei.

    • It got DCMA, so if I upload to batoto, it will be deleted like One Piece, Naruto and All you need is kill.
      So thought that we should contact some sites like mangafox and kissmanga for onlinereader.

      Could you mind please help me for mangaupdates? I don’t know how to do it 😀

  2. Will you continue to do this series?
    You just ripped the chapter from the English shonen jump.
    They are only planning on releasing the first 3 chapters.

  3. are you guys going to scanlate and release this in a weekly basis.. i mean, is this manga a weekly one like One piece and bleach? or is this manga a monthly based one?

  4. How do I download without KVIrc, like on a mobile device? I’m using an iPad and I don’t have access to a computer.

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