Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Chapter 35 and 36 by MTO

Seems that it’s a bit late for chapter release. However, we have no choice.

Tìm – the translator – spent his Christmas and New Year break for his partime job, moreover, some staffs and me had a sudden job to the Center of my country for some, and then moved to Cambodia for the Chinese Lunar New Year Meeting.

Everything is fine for now, hope we can catchup our series.


The most difficult things we have to face, is … raw fee. I have to pay 20 USD for the provider to scan 1 chapter!!! 

It was a really serious problem for us to continue our job. Each month, I have to pay for Plunderer and Maoyuu, I don’t think that I can pay much more than half year. So please, donate us. At least your 1 dollar can save us from this situation, or to be honest, please just think that it’s just a cup of coffee from you to cheer for our releases.

Special thanks for your help.


Read online:

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Download: !maoyuu35 , !maoyuu36 on

Please donate (via paypal) to Email:  , each coin from you will help us to continue our scanslation.


12 thoughts on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Chapter 35 and 36 by MTO

  1. Hello ,I am just a lecher who is very interested in this project though I have not much money so sorry I will not be able to contribute towards your work.

    Also I want to ask his on Batoto I found another group working on the same project ,Though They are trying there best like you They don’t have much consistent release. I was hoping that you can Jointly initiate in working this project Out since It is a gr8 project and quiet lengthy one at that .This may help you to reduce your raw cost and also make the reader enjoy the manga consistently
    I feel the main group of any manga scanlating group is to make reader enjoy the work of author by there efforts(I have myself scanlated manga for about half an Year). So I was hoping you can jointly host this project ,at least Try thinking About working on alternate chs since it will help both on you to fasten up the pace. Since it is always more the merrier .

    Hope You will consider my proposition and Thank You for your awesome reease as always

    • Special thanks for your proposition, harshrox.
      It’s just my shame to talk about money here, so please just keep support us by commenting and reading our releases ^^ Money is something we use to operate the scanslation, so of course we will try to find some other way to get it. ^^
      About the joint, it’s time for me to consider about this issue, but well, we can keep do it until we get the limit (of money and effort), it’s fine anyway. I’m not usually to start talking with other groups about joining our projects.
      But well, hopefully that other groups who are interested in this series will ask us for a joint and share the raw fee, it’s time for us to think back 😀
      However, for now, it’s time to start cleaning chapter 37 lol ^^ hope we could release it in the next 2 weeks

  2. You guys say 20USD / scan? It’s totally absurd. I’m even amazed.
    Someone may not realize, but it would be cheaper to buy a whole volume and have it shipped.
    Heck, you could even buy a decent scanner with the difference!
    On a side note, they’re publishing Maoyu here, 1 volume at time, and while it is not 100% on par with the jpn prints (quality wise), its price is like <10USD.
    I smell greed here. Money-making scheme? 😉

    • since I bought the magazine to get the latest scans, before it going out to the volumes. So that we only have 1 chapter for each series each month 😦 I knew that it’s a bit absurd, but, I have no other choice.

  3. I agree with yeeeeah. 20USD/chapter smells like money-making scheme. The scans are available online up to volume 13. They are either lying to get money or too dumb to use google.

  4. Since FTH is doing the series anyway, if you’re hurting for money, pick a series where the shareraws are good and steady instead.

    • We’ll continue doing it no matter how things happen, we will try finding another way to earn a little bit money lol.
      Moreover, we cannot reduce the release quality by using shared raws anyway.

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