Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Chapter 39 “You Should Save Them in Your Own Way” by MTO

The battle between humans and demons was temporary coming to the end. How things could happen and what’s the plan to fight with musket from the Church? The series is now leading to another important arc.
Please enjoy ^^

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13 thoughts on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Chapter 39 “You Should Save Them in Your Own Way” by MTO

      • Page 27, “indiscriminantly” -> indiscriminately.
        Page 31, we are ‘no’ longer the three countries.
        Page 32, ‘I’ hereby declare…
        Page 33, frame 2, who is “long winter king”? Aren’t you missing a word?
        Page 35, frame 5, “I left the Gate city in good hands” -> no “is”.
        Page 36, frame 1, “who might this be?”.
        Page 37, last frame, you have it in reverse, 3% of participating soldiers, and 1% of their total forces.
        There may be more mistakes, and there are places where I find your wording not wrong, but unnatural. But since I’m not a native speaker, I can’t say it for certain. Thank you for your reply.

  1. Hello i noticed that Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is translated by two groups yours and FTH scans are you working together? And would it not be beter for only one group to translate it or for your two groups to work together to translate it faster?

    • (FTH)They refused! And is better like that! MTO are graceful, fast releases, without more excuses or “problems”!

      • We just ride our bike on our own road ^^ You can check and compare page 35-37 of chapter 38 and see a big different and the reason why we changed our working raws

  2. Sorry for the question i just wanted faster relases so i was wandering why didnt you cooperate with the group already translating it and i thought the more people translating it the faster the relases so sorry and thanks wery much for the relases.

    • For a joint, there are a lot of reason for us to NOT work with FTH, the main question is “What will they do?”, let’s take a look on the whole procedures of a chapter:
      – Translating: There used to be a lot of complaints about their script on batoto. I haven’t read any chapter of them, but I’m sure that there should be some reasons why batoto’s readers left a lot of feedback about them.

      – Cleaning / Editing: FTH still keep using magazine raws while we’re currently using Official Tankoubon raws, which has got a lot of changes.
      For example:

      You can see the next 3 pages. In FTH version, they use the UNOFFICIAL raws, it’s something like being bleached. The author ignored a lot of pages and panels.
      Anh more over I don’t think that my cleaners wanna work for other groups, expecially when we are having a good run for Maoyuu

      – For redrawing: we had a really fast run for it with 20 redrawers in different countries and we don’t really need help.


      I never think that working with other group will make our release faster and better, expecially for maoyuu. We both have different view point of this issue so we cannot work together anyway.

  3. Thank you guys for the new chapters and the work that you put into putting them out I really appreciate it ,so one last time Thank you 😀

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