Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Chapter 40 “We really can’t afford to lose after all” by MTO

So… new chapter of this masterpiece has come ^^
Chapter 40 is also the last chapter of volume 12, if you need to downloada whole volume , take a look to the end of this post ^^
Enjoy 😀


Read it online
Download: , trigger: !maoyuu40

>>> Download volume 12 (from chapter 38 to 40) <<< – Or just use trigger: !maoyuuv12


18 thoughts on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Chapter 40 “We really can’t afford to lose after all” by MTO

  1. I Have Two Questions: Is There Any List Of All Irc Triggers? And If Yes Where Is It? Please Answer Me. And Thank You Wery Much For This Chapter

  2. Which Online Manga Readers Other Than
    Batoto Do You Prefer? And With The Highest Image Compression If
    Possible? Trying To Find One For Reading Manga Over 3G On My Android
    Mobile Phone While Keeping To A Low MB Limit. So Batoto With No Image
    Compression Is Not Good For That. Please Answer Me.

  3. Thank You wery much KissManga Works great. But is there also any reliable android app? Since i newer found one that would not crash or at least work properly before. Or a support forum for my questions. So i dont have to bother you with them any more.

  4. Hello i just downloaded your maoyuu relase and read this comment about an android app and i personaly use quickmanga or mangadownloader or mangawatcher but i too am still trying to find a better one

  5. please continue scanlating this series, it’s one hell of a funny series, and it’s also rather interesting in it’s own way

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