[Urgent] Translators – WE NEED YOU

As you can see, our projects have been delaying for such a long time. And the main reason is we lost our contact with our translators. Well, everyone has his own real-life job, so there is no reason for us to blame or criticize anyone, but, to survive and have more release, I thought that it is the time for me to recruit a couple of skilled translators.

Please help me share this post to help us contact them easier.

Q & A

Q: What projects / mangas will I work for?
A: Currently, we are looking for translators for 2 series:
1. Plunderer

2. Maoyuu Maoh Yuusha (we finally found a translator for it)

Q: Can I suggest the series I like?
A: Of course. We can handle more and more series, as long as we have a stable translator.

Q: May I get paid? I need to pay for internet service and more…
A: We are basically a non-profit group, and as you see, we haven’t earned anything by ads…
But I can use my own money to pay for you, as long as you promise to work with us for a long time. We wanted to continue our beloved series.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Please email: mto.scanslation@gmail.com , I will reply you asap.



2 thoughts on “[Urgent] Translators – WE NEED YOU

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  2. I really like Maoyuu ,if a joint is ok with you I can try asking my group to see if any translator is interested ,though I can’t guarantee anything since it is depends on the interest of the translator

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