We need your donation

For donation, please paypal to email : zzz_lovekid_zzz@yahoo.com.vn

Last week, we just  bought 3 volumes on ebookjapan, they’re Plunderer volume 1-2 and Maoyuu volume 15


You could think that we were crazy, but well, we thought that we should do something to at least support the authors of the series we have been working for. The other reason should be: we need the meterials/raws for our job. So, I really really hope that you, our beloved readers, could give us a hand to help us continue our job easier.

WE NEED YOUR DONATION, at least for buying raws and site’s fees.

Special thanks for all of your support until now ^^


  • How could I donate you?
    • Please paypal to this email : zzz_lovekid_zzz@yahoo.com.vn
  • How much should I donate?
    • Even 1 cent is okay. Each cent from you will help us a lot to continue our job.

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